• Jan : 4 : 2018 - Cavaliers reportedly tried trading Kyrie Irving before he asked to be moved
  • Jan : 4 : 2018 - North Korea’s proposed talks don’t mean Kim will give up nukes, experts say
  • Jan : 4 : 2018 - Commémoration du 214e anniversaire de l’Indépendance aux Gonaïves
  • Jan : 4 : 2018 - Jovenel Moïse lance les états généraux sectoriels de la nation
  • Feb : 2 : 2017 - President-Elect Jovenel Moïse of Haiti Vows to Create Plan to Channel Aid

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Kyrie Irving wanted out of Cleveland, that much is certain, but the reason behind why he wanted out has been up for debate since it became public in mid-July that the 25-year-old asked for a trade. The picture though is much clearer now. In an extensive interview with ESPN, details came to light that Cleveland attempted to trade Irving mid-June prior to the Cavaliers point guard’s trade request.

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Rare talks proposed by both North and South Korea might calm tensions between the neighbors, but don’t expect Kim Jong Un to give up his nuclear arsenal any time soon, experts say. Kim used his annual New Year’s Day message to suggest that his officials could meet their Seoul-based counterparts to discuss sending athletes to participate in the PyeongChang Winter Olympics next month in South Korea.

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Le couple présidentiel, le Premier ministre, le président de l’Assemblée nationale, les membres du gouvernement, des parlementaires, des représentants du Corps diplomatique et consulaire, ceux des organisations internationales s’étaient réunis, ce 1er janvier 2018 au cœur de la ville des Gonaïves, dans le cadre de la commémoration du 214e anniversaire de l’Indépendance d’Haïti, a constaté Haiti Press Network.

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