• Jan : 4 : 2018 - Cavaliers reportedly tried trading Kyrie Irving before he asked to be moved
  • Jan : 4 : 2018 - North Korea’s proposed talks don’t mean Kim will give up nukes, experts say
  • Jan : 4 : 2018 - Commémoration du 214e anniversaire de l’Indépendance aux Gonaïves
  • Jan : 4 : 2018 - Jovenel Moïse lance les états généraux sectoriels de la nation
  • Feb : 2 : 2017 - President-Elect Jovenel Moïse of Haiti Vows to Create Plan to Channel Aid

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Donald Trump on Monday jokingly called opponent Ted Cruz “cruel” for not helping Carly Fiorina after a fall at a campaign event Sunday, telling the crowd “even I would’ve helped her!” “Wow, that’s really cruel,” Trump said at a rally in Carmel, Ind., drawing laughter from the crowd. “She fell off-she just went down. She went down a long way, right? And she went down right in front of him, and   Read More ...

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